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Black Forest Trademark
Patent Nr.
H 69 816/14 Wz

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No. 433 Oak Inlay
No. 431 Walnut Inlay
No. 431 Oak Inlay
No. 433 Cherry Inlay
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*de Luxe features:

    * Solid wood cabinet
    * KIENINGER 3-cimes CABLE movement
    * Automatic night shut off
    * Moon dial "Romantic Germany"
    * Crystal mirror
    * German castle pendulum
    * Super de Luxe Weights
    * 110/220 V. lights
    * Personal name plate w/serial number
    * Free delivery to most areas
*Tax paper needed
*Tax paper needed

A Handcrafted Masterpiece

A family heirloom for many years to come

Besucher: 00253
copyright (c) Edmund Hefele 15.04.2006