Mr. Eds Clock Factory

Where a Timepiece
becomes a Masterpiece

Black Forest Trademark
Patent Nr.
H 69 816/14 Wz

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Design and construction
of a grandfather clock
Solid wood, piece by piece Handcrafted by a carpenter

A happy customer

Test run for one week

No. 434 de Luxe
Curio Clock with safe drawer*

Ges. gesch/patended design (c) 1995
3.295 €*

Custom staining

Professional installation
The craftsmen crew Mr. Ed Factory Outlet
*Tax paper needed

"Mr. Ed" The Clockman
from Heidelberg

Ed Hefele (affectionately known as Mr. Ed) sells grandfather clocks at the Heidelberg Clock Factory in Oftersheim. His passion for collecting, repairing and restoring old clocks began long before he started selling them in 1970.
Mr. Ed aims to give the customer what he wants which includes: quality clocks reliable service, low prices, and a variety of beautiful designs to choose from. Customers even have the opportunity to express their own individuality in the design of a clock.

Pressed wood has no place at the Heidelberg Clock Factory, only top grade, real wood is used for the clock cabinets and every clock carries the legally registered trademark. This trademark guarantees that the clock was made in Black Forest. The clockworks come exclusively from the Kieninger Company which is widely recognized as prime standard movements.
The Heidelberg Clock Factory ´s prices are some of the lowest in Germany. This is made possible by a combination of a modest outlet in the form of a factory where the clocks are on display, and a family oriented sales force (all of whom speak excellent English). These exquisite, precision-crafted timepieces have to be seen to be appreciated. It is evident that the production of a beautiful clock remains an important event at the Heidelberg Clock Factory, it is not just another clock mass-produced on an assembly line. There is no pressure selling. "Customers come in, walk around and look at our clocks. We are here to answer questions and help them if they need our assistance. I might get carried away in talking about my clock but that´s because I love them all." says Mr. Ed.
The Heidelberg Clock Factory is open to the public ONLY on Saturday and U.S. holidays or by appointment. It is located at Robert-Koch-Strasse 6, Oftersheim between Patrick Henry Village, Heidelberg and Schwetzingen. Telephone number (06202) 55245.

*Tax paper needed

A Handcrafted Masterpiece

A family heirloom for many years to come

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copyright (c) Edmund Hefele 15.04.2006